Autonomous Inspection Through Aerial Robotics.

Automated Inspection Combined with Actionable Data

Global Wind Energy Market by 2024
Wind Energy Operations  & Maintenance Market
California Energy from Renewables by 2030

Wind Turbine Inspections

Wind turbines are highly subject to structural damage due to heavy usage and harsh operating climates. Early detection of faults through periodic inspections results in improved performance, safety, and lifespan.

Current Pain-Points:

Traditional Drones Can Only Capture Surface Damage.
Detecting Sub-Surface Damage Requires a Team on Rope and Harness.
Human Labor Combine with Automation Results in Minimal Reduction in Cost and Machine Downtime.

Autonomous Inspection and Actionable Data

Meet the Inspekt Platform™

Patented hardware combined with trade secret algorithm enables the Inspekt to operate with the dexterity of a human.

Interchangeable sensor probes and the ability to make surface contact allows the Inspekt to autonomously conduct sub-surface non-destructive testing (NDT).

Coordinated flight algorithm allows the Inspekt to conduct automated scans of the entire structure in order to detect surface damage.

Our cloud-based Client Portal turns raw data into actionable information.

Visual and NDT Inspections

Sub-surface damage is only detectable with contact inspections, also known as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). This means the NDT probes must make surface contact when scanning.

While conducting an NDT inspection, Inspekt can simultaneously collect visuals of the surface, enabling the creation of multilayer inspection data map.

Our patented hardware system allows for interchangeability of NDT probe sensors.

Much like an X-ray, NDT sensor creates a visual map of the sub-surface damage in order to locate and then analyze the potential damage.

We are unencumbered by structural height, size or surface material.

Automated Inspections

Our automated visual inspection algorithm uses a field server to command multiple Inspekt bots to autonomously perform a scan of all areas of the wind turbine.

With our platform, this labor intensive task can now be completely automated.

Our trade secret scanning algorithm allows the Inspekt bots to coordinate their flight paths with one another in order to avoid collision.

Combined with the NDT data, a comprehensive multi-layer image of each wind turbine is generated.

Upon completion, the data is sent to our blade team for analysis.

Data Integration & Client Portal

Our online portal allows clients to access historical inspection data of their fleet through any internet-enabled device.

Blade experts analyze and annotate raw inspection data into actionable information for our clients.

Clients can view their entire wind farm and access historical reports for each individual blade.

Detect defects early and better track damage

Platform Overview

Automation Driven Inspection Combined with Actionable Data

Visual & NDT Inspections

A comprehensive inspection requires human technician team to conduct the non-destructive testing (NDT) and a drone fleet for visuals. Our platform allows for a complete turn-key solution.

Full Automation

Deploying a human inspection team results in high labor cost and extended machine downtime. We remove humans from the equation and completely automate the entire inspection process.

Blade Analyst Team

Our expert blade analyst team analyzes and annotates the raw data into actionable information for each inspected wind turbine.

Client Portal

Our cloud-based Client Portal  provides a compete historical data record of all past inspections. This allows both wind farm owners and manufactures the ability to track the progression of damages and make more informed decisions.

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Meet Our Team



As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Radii Robotics, Minh focuses on driving the company's product vision, developing its long-term strategy and cultivating relationships with strategic partners. Prior to founding Radii Robotics, Minh spent nearly a decade as an investment banker helping tier one companies raise capital through the Bond Market.  

Random Fact: By the age of 10, Minh was fluent in three languages and had spent 4 years in a refugee camp.




As Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Ash is the architect of the INSPEKT system and the technical development leader of the platform. Ash is a firm believer in drones as an interactive robotics platform and the potential in automating our world. Prior to RR, Anshuo spent 7 years developing aerospace electromechanical systems, contributing to safety critical systems on board Dassault, Embraer and Boeing aircrafts.  

Random Fact: Ash has lived for extended period of time in 12 cities/regions around the world.



Lead Software Engineer

As the Lead Software Engineer, Trixie builds the software that integrates the brain and the body of the Radii Robotics drone. Prior to joining the Radii Robotics team, Trixie conducted undergraduate research in bioinformatics and data analytics at Loyola Marymount University and Louisiana State University, respectively.

Random Fact: Trixie is a self-taught juggler.



Robotics Strategist

Rahul helps the co-founders with the company's Business Development and Strategy along with handling the company's financials. Prior to Radii Robotics, Rahul spent 7 years working in Engineering in India with companies such as GE and Robert Bosch. Rahul received his Masters in Robotics Engineering from UPenn and is currently working towards his MBA from John's Hopkins.

Random Fact: Rahul has lived in, worked in, and travelled to over 15 countries and can sleep at any time of day!



Lead Systems & Controls Engineer

As the Lead Systems and Controls Engineer, Luis develops INSPEKT’s controls to achieve full flight autonomy. He is currently in his final semester as a Master’s student at the University of Southern California, studying Mechanical Engineering. Luis also has prior experience in the Oil and Gas Industry working in quality control and project management.

Random Fact: Luis is a tennis fanatic (Gustavo Kuerten is his favorite player)


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